1953 MGTD replica, from British Coach Works in 1988, titled as a 1988, very sought after MGTD replica & quite authentic looking,compared to most. white top, 4 Cyl. Chevy, 4 speed, black with dark red interior., suicide doors -rare !!

This is only our 2nd 53 MGTD replica from British Coach works, in PA, in 1988 and is titled as a 1988 SPEC which means Special Construction, in Florida. powered by a Chevy 4 cylinder front engine. no VW stuff here, & has a custom heavy duty full frame, for highway use, and a weight of 2380 pounds. very authentic looking & fools many people, it has the usual gel coat finish fiberglass body, that will never rust, & a dark red interior, with a white top & side curtains, & a rear mounted spare tire, suicide doors, MG door latches, side wind deflectors, & has a 4 speed transmission, so its plenty peppy enough,& gets great gas mileage, full wood dash & wood steering wheel, & the center panel of the dash, is just like the originals, & even has an MG grab bar, 3 rear view mirrors, all proper MG bumpers & bumper uprights, 2 badges, seat belts, heater, wipers, fog lamps,  we just installed a brand new Pioneer stereo with CD player, & brand new high output speakers, that have a great sound, and the Vin# is DR141680MO. A lot of car for only $19,900. thats all $19,900.!! A lot of car for little bucks. We can ship it to your door, by enclosed, insured truck carrier, & we can ship almost anywhere in the world by ship containers. Return to Bob's Classics, Inc. or What's In Stock. Give us a call at 727-581-9406